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St Mary Euphrasia Pelletier believed in the Christian Gospel message of Love and Compassion for the most vulnerable.  The innate dignity of each person is at the heart of being Good Shepherd. It is Mary Euphrasia's love, compassion, courage and audacity that is part of the legacy to us, who now walk in her footsteps.


Good Shepherd Mission    

 Good Shepherd is committed to deeply held values of compassion, respect, dignity, justice, reconciliation and inclusion.

These values are at the heart of the vision, courage and audacity of St Mary Euphrasia and the Good Shepherd tradition she began.

When any person is oppressed, we are all diminshed. Where any part of creation is abused or oppressed, our lives are impoverished.

We seek to promote a world of justice and peaceful co-existence. We are prepared to challenge people, institutions or structures that diminish fullness of life and human dignity.

We contribute to global healing and fullness of life for all.

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