Learning Opportunities

Learning Activities

Instep induction

St Clare's Curriculum contains a variety of learning opportunities to engage our students in interesting and practical ways. 

As well as the Western Australian curriculum we offer subjects that are motivational, relevant to the workplace, provide an insight into ourselves and also help us to navigate the world around us. 

Some of the courses and lessons offered:

* Year 10 Pyschology

* Keys for Life

* Barista

* Girls with a Purpose - GWP

* Textiles

* Literacy Lessons

* Sorry Day and NAIDOC preparation

* Leadership Program

* Art Therapy

* Practical 1: Art and Practical 2: Café

* Financial Literacy

* Careers

* Health lessons

* Work Place Learning


The National Government School Chaplaincy worker program supports St Clare’s with funding to enable self-development and resiliency programs to be offered and these include Student Meeting which enables to students to learn about up-coming events and also to have a voice in the everyday life the school, the Girls with a Purpose program, Art Therapy and the Student Leadership Program. The core competencies addressed in the Girls with a Purpose program include:

* Respecting and valuing yourself

* Respecting others and working together

* Having purpose and helping others

* Being grateful

* Having healthy responses and making good decisions

Art Therapy is a creative program which uses art to promote wellbeing, discussion and creativity.  The girls will create art works using images which illustrate their feelings, hopes and dreams using the themes of hands, hearts and heads.

The Student Leadership Program fosters leadership skills and gives the girls multiple opportunities to serve the student body and the school.  A special event attended by the student leaders is the Leadership Day held at the Perth Convention Centre.  The Student Leaders are given extra responsibilities and are able to be a voice for all the students in the school.


Community Service is an important aspect of St Clare’s and the girls participate in fund raising events for a number of deserving charities. 

The girls have also enjoyed visiting the residents Mercy Care Aged Home and are very excited about continuing to build on these relationships. 

During the Textiles class the girls made dresses for the “Dress a Girl Around the World” program for young girls in need in Developing Countries. By giving a girl a new dress her destiny could be changed. Village pastors have explained that a new dress gives a girl an appearance of being cared for and may discourage would-be predators. A Dress a Girl label is sewn on the outside of each dress sending the message that this girl is under the care of an organization. Thus giving her added protection from those who would harm her.