Learning Opportunities

Learning Activities

Student art activities

St Clare's Curriculum contains a variety of learning opportunities to engage our students in interesting and practical ways. 

As well as the standard curriculum we offer subjects that are motivational, relevant to the workplace, provide an insight into ourselves and also help us to navigate the world around us. 

Ssome of the courses and lessons include:

* Year 10 Pyschology

* Keys for Life

* Barista

* Girls with a Purpose - GWP

* Certificate in Work Preparation with a focus on creativity and sustainability

* Literacy Lessons

* QuickSmart Maths

* Practical 1: Art and Practical 2: Café


The National Government School Chaplaincy worker program supports St Clare’s with funding to enable self-development and resiliency programs to be offered and these include Student Meeting and GWP. 

The students have the benefit of regular guest speakers as part of the weekly Student Meeting.


Community Service is an important aspect of St Clare’s and the girls participate in fund raising events for a number of deserving charities.