Learning Opportunities

Curriculum at St Clare’s School

Science Experiment at St Clares

The curriculum of the Catholic school provides for the total growth of the student and so offers a variety of experiences, which will give the students a holistic educational grounding.

On acceptance into St Clare’s all students and parents/ caregivers understand that the school rules are essential for us to create an effective learning environment.
We expect parent/caregivers to become partners in the education of the girls – working together we can ensure the best possible outcomes.

St Clare’s also offers practical, relevant and motivational lessons and activities which promote personal development and academic skills.

The Compass Literacy and Numeracy test is conducted at the start of each year and for new students to determine the most appropriate lessons level and where required appropriate educational support is offered to the students.

QuickSmart Numeracy one-to-one tutoring is conducted to where intensive support is required. Literacy lessons also form part of the curriculum.

The students are prepared for NAPLAN and OLNA testing as part of their English and Mathematics lessons. With the participation of students, parents and teachers, Individual Education Plans are created for each student to ensure the most appropriate learning strategies and study pathway.


Years Eight, Nine and Ten:

St Clare's offers the Western Australian Curriculum in Years Eight, Nine and Ten and the lessons contain a variety of learning activities to engage our students in interesting and practical ways.

The subjects offered in Years Eight, Nine and Ten include:

English Health Practical ART
Mathematics Certificate I Business Practical Café
Humanities and Social Sciences Girls with a Purpose  
Science Literacy  
Religious Education Information Technology  

The students regularly have the benefit of guest speakers as part of the weekly Student Meeting and life skills lessons and self-esteem activities are also offered weekly.


Years Eleven and Twelve

Comprehensive source counselling is undertaken with the students and their parents to determine the most appropriate study pathway for each girl.

Courses of Study and Certificate Courses are offered in Years 11-12 to prepare students for WACE Graduation and the Certificate of Attainment. Girls who wish to take ATAR English in Year Eleven can do so at St Clare’s, however other ATAR Courses of Study may be undertaken through the Schools of Isolated and Distance Education (SIDE) Students studying at SIDE will also take at least one Course of Study or Certificate Course through St Clare’s.

The Certificate Courses and General Courses prepare students for TAFE, for bridging courses to university or for the workplace.

Year Eleven

Year Twelve

Religious Education (St Clare's) Religious Education (St Clare's
English General & ATAR English General & ATAR (SIDE)
Mathematics Essential Mathematics Essential
Children Family and the Community General Children Family and the Community General
Health Studies General Health Studies
Food Science & Technology General Food Science & Technology General
Psychology General  
Human Biology General Certificate 1 in ICT
Certificate II Business Certificate II Business
Certificate II Community Services
(Childrens Services)
Certificate II Community Services    (Childrens Services)


Beyond School

Students will be offered the chance to participating in MAPing their future.  MAP – My Action Plan will be a comprehensive transition plan for the students as they prepare for independent living.  There will be opportunities for:

* Enhancing employability skills

* Partnerships with local organisations for supported work experience

* Familiarisation visits to institutions e.g. Bank, Medicare etc.

* Driver education and lessons

The education offered at St Clare’s is designed to prepare each student for options for further education, employment and for life.