Learning Opportunities

Curriculum at St Clare’s School

St Clare’s complies with the implementation of the Western Australian curriculum and the overall curriculum is evaluated each year as part of the Annual School Improvement Plan to take into account the needs of the students and various skills of the teachers and staff.

The curriculum is designed to:

*ensure each student has the opportunity to reach their potential

*provide opportunities for students to reflect on and participate in religious education and  social justice areas

*motivate those students who have been disengaged from their education to re-engage

*provide opportunities for personal growth and reflection

*provide pathways for university, TAFE  and or the workplace

*provide person centred planning for independent living

*focus on building literacy and numeracy capacity

Career Counselling and Course Selection Information

Beginning in Year Nine and as a focus in Term Three Year Ten, students are given extensive career counselling and course selection to ensure the best possible pathway which will enable them to achieve their WACE or WASSA and which is best suited to their needs/capabilities and goals. (This will continue into Year Eleven and Twelve with regular reviews and MAP strategies.) This involves:

*teachers conducting information and Q&A sessions about courses offered

*interest and aptitude testing

*course counselling – dedicated course/careers counsellor working with students

*traineeship opportunities

*TAFE counsellor presentations/open days

*presentations about university offerings/open days

*parent and student meetings with the Principal (and other if required) to choose pathways

2017 Curriculum

Whole school

Due to the vulnerable lifestyle of many of the students a coordinated approach to drug and sexual health, social media and nutrition issues will be covered in:

*Year Eight, Nine and Ten Health classes

*Girls With a Purpose (GWP)lessons

*Guest speakers

*Group sessions

*Information Technology classes

*Year Ten and Eleven Psychology

*Food, Science and Technology



Years Eight, Nine and Ten:

St Clare's offers the Western Australian Curriculum in Years Eight, Nine and Ten and the lessons contain a variety of learning activities to engage our students in interesting and practical ways.

The subjects offered in Years Eight, Nine and Ten for 2017 include:

English Health Certificate I Business
Mathematics Virtual Italy Certificate I Work Preparation
Humanities and Social Sciences Girls with a Purpose Practical Café
Science Literacy Practical ART
Religious Education Information Technology  

The students have the benefit of regular activities which are designed to improve social skills as part of the weekly Student Meeting and Group.


Years Eleven and Twelve

Comprehensive source counselling is undertaken with the students and their parents to determine the most appropriate study pathway for each girl.

Courses of Study and Certificate Courses are offered in Years 11-12 to prepare students for WACE Graduation and the Certificate of Attainment. In 2017 girls who wish to take ATAR English in Year Eleven can do so at St Clare’s, however other ATAR Courses of Study are undertaken through the Schools of Isolated and Distance Education (SIDE) Students studying at SIDE will also take at least one Course of Study or Certificate Course through St Clare’s.

The Certificate Courses and General Courses prepare students for TAFE, for bridging courses to university or for the workplace.

Year Eleven

Year Twelve

Religious Education (St Clare's) Religious Education (St Clare's
Health (St Clare's) Health (St Clare's)
Careers (St Clare's) Careers (St Clare's)
English General & ATAR English General & ATAR (SIDE)
Mathematics Essential Mathematics Essential & ATAR(SIDE)
Children Family and the Community General Children Family and the Community General
Health Studies General Health Studies General
Food Science & Technology General Food Science & Technology General
Human Biology General (SIDE) Human Biology General & ATAR (SIDE)
Pyschology Certificate 1 in ICT
Certificate II Business Certificate II Business
Certificate II Community Services
(Childrens Services)
Certificate II Community Services    (Childrens Services)


Assessment Policies and procedures

Assessment poilicies and procedures are outlined in the Assessment POlicy for Years 8-10 and the Assessment Policy for Years 11-12