Learning Opportunities

Special School Events

ANZAC Day at St Clare's

St Clare's celebrates and participates in a number of special school events.

We follow the Church's liturgical year and also we remember and celebrate those special Good Shepherd feast days.

* Lent -including Ash Wednesday with a particular empasis on Project Compassion

* Holy Week - with a modified prayer time embracing the Stations of the Cross

* Easter Liturgy.

* Good Shepherd Day - we remember the Good Shepherd Sisters and invite them to join as we celebrate the foundations of our school

* St Clare's Day - we come together in prayer before we attack our scrumptious morning tea on our school feast day.

* Advent - we acknowledge the time of waiting and prepare for the coming of Jesus.

* Christmas - as part of our end of year celebrations we pray together before our special Christmas dinner which is followed by gift giving provided by our very generous Fairy Godmothers.

We also celebrate:

* Anzac Day
* Harmony Day
* International Women's Day
* Mother's Day
* Father's Day
* Red Cross Bake Off
* Life Link
* Caritas
* St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal