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Week 4

Second week of Workplace Learning saw two new students begin their placements.

Courtney started at Buggles Childcare Hilton and on my arrival I was met with children climbing all over her and her being a natural in this environment.

Frank also started on Wednesday and was putting her creativity to work creating her first box of flowers. They were beautiful and something she could be very proud of. 

I also had the pleasure of visiting Jacinta at St John of God's who was busy seeing to patients and assisting with their care.

I visited Chontae at Attwell Primary School, and her supervisor was singing her praises, in particular mentioning her initiative.

And finally I visited Grace at Mercedes College. On arrival I could see that Grace had settled in beautifully and was beaming with pride. Her supervising teacher described Grace as 'wonderful' and said 'we're loving having Grace in the drama department'.

All the girls should be extremely proud of the journey they have embarked on and all that they have achieved in the last 2 weeks.

by Kerri