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Pamper Day 2018

Petting Zoo


Hair and Makeup

Petting Zoo

Aroma Therapy

St Clare's students once again took the opportunity to be spoiled as they celebrated Pamper Day, an annual event where we all just take time to chill out and take a little extra care of ourselves.

A variety of activities are offered throughout the day and the students rotate around these activities.

These activities include :

* Laughter Yoga

* Aromatherapy

* The Petting Zoo

* Hair and Make up make-overs

* Henna tattoos

The day also included a special lunch and a chill out room for those who wished to just have a break.

It was a fabulous day and all the students enjoyed the wonderful range of activities.

The petting zoo in particular was a crowd favourite, where the students mixed with a variety of animals and were encouraged to hold them and pet them.

Thanks to the Student Support Team for organising this fantastic day.