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West Coast Eagles Visit

February 13 2018

Eagles and students at St Clare's

Eagles in the Park

Eagles Close-ups

Tanya's camera

St Clare's School was the place to be if you were an Eagles' supporter this week.

The school was very fortunate to be visited by a group of seven young men who discussed both football and life opportunities with the students and staff.

They certainly talked about their life as footballers, but they also emphasised the importance of having life goals outside football. Each one described how they had other employment or training opportunities outside their football life and how important it was to set goals in your life.

After taking questions from the students, they then adjourned to the local park and had a kick-to-kick session and helped out with a bit of coaching.

Many thanks to Jamie and Josh and all the boys who took part. We really appreciate your taking the time to share your expertise and time with St Clare's community.


Eagles at St Clares