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St Clare's teams up with Shopfront

St Clare's students and staff are teaming up with Shopfront to help produce meals for those in need.

The director of Shopfront, Damian Walsh, came out and spoke to the students about the work of Shopfront, which is situated in Maylands.

Their services include :

We provide some food and drink for those who call in.

Through St Vincent de Paul, we can occasionally assist with clothing, bedding, furniture, non-electrical household goods and some financial assistance with bill paying, for those in hardship.

We may help with emergency accommodation, food for families, transport vouchers or phone cards.

The Mobile GP doctor attends here on a Tuesday afternoon.

We refer those with health and homeless issues on to appropriate Government and Private agencies.

Among the many incidental things we do are, assisting people with long term housing and advocacy by referring them to other organisations.

We have shower and clothes washing facilities for those who are homeless.

St Clare's School is very happy to support such a worthy cause and we are grateful for the opportunity to reach out to those in need.