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Tours of Learning 2018

Sr Geraldine and Jasmine

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St Clare's community celebrated its annual Tours of Learning where parents, family, carers and friends are invited to come in and view the learning and creativity that has taken place in the year just passed.

Students take their invited guests around the school and proudly show off their works of art and completed assignments and projects that demonstrate the amazing amount of learning that has taken place during the year.

There is a short awards ceremony at the end of the day, where students are acknowledged and rewarded for all their efforts throughout the year.

Special awards were received by the following students :

Sr. Pat Evans award :

This award is presented to a student who has made the most of her opportunities at St. Clare’s and who displays commitment to her studies by attending consistently and striving to achieve her best. The Sisters pay the school fees of the recipient of this award for one year. 

The 2018 recipient of the Sr. Pat Award is Jasmine Jones

Irene Green award :

This is a termly award that carries with it a $50 gift voucher. It is presented to student who has shown that she has been able to do ordinary things extraordinarily.  This term’s recipient is Chandler Stevenson.

Congratulations to all students who received awards and to all those students who have tried their hardest throughout the year.

Students and staff at Tours of Learning