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Dragonfly Dreaming Excursion

March 05 2019

Students and Staff at the Dragonfly Dreaming Walking Trail

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Students and staff from St Clare's joined Noongar Elder Marie Taylor and her sister Robyn Collard and family members as they made their way around the Kaalitj – ngort Koondaam (meaning Dragonfly Dreaming in Noongar) Walking Trail.

This journey helped us to learn more about the significance of the Djarlgarro Beeliar (Canning River) to the Whadjuk Noongar people, and its surrounding area known as Gabbiljee, "the watery place at the end of the river".

Marie introduced us to how Noongar people used leaves and bark of trees in every day life for making baskets and healing.

She also spoke about the significance of the river to the Noongar women - making it their special place. She described the rejuvenation of the wetlands and explained she was part of the committee involved in that project.

The students were captivated by Marie's stories and the significance on the site.

Thanks to Marie and her family for enriching our education.