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Enrolment Enquiry

St Clare’s School

St Clare’s is a Secondary CARE (Curriculum And Reengagement in Education) school for girls in Lathlain. We assist young girls who have disengaged from school, and are at educational risk. We see to reengage them in their secondary learning, by provision of high levels of support and individualised learning plans. Our enrolment process is necessarily extensive, involving several stages outlined below. Please read carefully to avoid confusion or disappointment.

Enrolment Procedure

1. The first step to the enrolment process consists of an initial interview.  Students and their parents/guardians/support agencies are invited to an initial interview with the Principal.  This interview is an opportunity to share information both about the school, and about the reasons a student is seeking enrolment. The history and mission of St Clare’s School, our CARE values, the curriculum, and organisational structure of the school are discussed.   There is a school-tour  and  an opportunity to ask questions.  The reasons for the student applying, and associated risk factors, are noted, and an enrolment pack is given at this time.  An Initial Interview is not an offer of a place, nor the commitment of a student to pursue the enrolment process.

2. Once all the completed enrolment forms (given at the initial interview) are received, the student will then be placed on the “wait list”.  When/if a suitable place becomes available, a second interview will be organised and a “guest enrolment” of at least two weeks is offered to the student.   At the end of the guest enrolment, progress is discussed with all stakeholders at another meeting.  If appropriate, ongoing enrolment is then offered.  Guest enrolment commitment, mutual suitability and risk factors are considered when making decisions regarding enrolment of students.

If you would like to begin this process, please complete all the sections below, and our Administrative Officer will contact you.

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