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School Fee Schedule

St Clare’s School seeks to support families and carers.

St Clare’s School seeks to support families and carers in assisting their young person to reengage in their Secondary education, and to remove as many obstacles as possible to this goal. Everything that the students need for their learning is provided by the school. This includes a variety of extra-curricular events such as excursions and a school camp. These are included in the ‘additional costs’ below. A variety of methods and arrangements are available for the payment of monies, all of which can be arranged over the phone or at reception.

Our fee schedule for 2021 is outlined below.
Tuition Fee / yearAdditional Costs/yearTotal/year
Years 8-10$570$245$815
Years 11-12$730$245$975

Uniforms must be purchased from St Clare’s School prior to the students commencing.

St Clare’s Polo Shirt$30(minimum of 2 shirts)
St Clare’s Long-sleeve Polo$35 (optional)
St Clare’s Hoodie/Sweat$40


Lunch money can be paid daily or in advance at reception. Unpaid lunch money is added to the school Fee balance at the end of each term.

Health Care Card
Secondary Assistance Scheme
Financial Hardship

A student or family’s financial circumstances would never constitute an impediment to enrolment. The Principal welcomes private appointments with guardians/carers to discuss matters related to finances, the paying of fees, uniforms, lunches, or any other related matter.